Showering with glasses on

Ok this is dumb but I want to see if anyone else has this problem, or if there is some essential “key” to showering as a bespectacled person that I was never taught by my mother.

Anyway I usually wear contact lenses but occasionally wear glasses. I have learned to despise showering on these days.

My first question was, “Do you leave your glasses on in the shower?”

Without thinking I did and realized they immediately get foggy so that you have to pitch them. Ok, blurry time in the bath, I guess.

I can handle that but the problem is that every time I go to shave my legs my blind eyes kind of “freak out” and then I get a bunch of shampoo in them and turn into a blinking mess. I don’t know why I don’t get shampoo in my eyes when wearing contacts. Maybe this is psychological. 

But anyway, what is the key to a) showering b) shaving your legs sans glasses? 

How do constant glasses wearers handle this? What info am I missing here?

  1. lisasnaps said: I’ve been intensely (but appropriately, for a nerd of my type) myopic my whole life and can’t wear contacts. I do everything in the same order and use my hands to moniter shaving process and sometimes miss spots, get them after shower when i can see
  2. nipplelesscage said: I don’t wear my glasses to wash my bod/hair however when I shave, I use shaving gel which makes it a lot easier to see w/o glasses- otherwise i step out of the water and shave
  3. comelylittletree said: I bend down really close to my legs and feel them with my hands after I go over with my razor to make sure I’m getting a close enough shave. Also, maybe rinse the shampoo out before you start shaving.
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