This weekend I went to Milwaukee for the first time. Me and Neil decided to do this after we drove through there on the way to Chicago and I was like, “What is this place?”

The only thing I knew about Milwaukee was that Alice Cooper talks about it in Wayne’s World. I realized why this was when I told my parents that we went to Milwaukee and they also seemed confused about what it was and why anyone would go there. 

I’m not sure what I expected, but I pictured Milwaukee as a small city full of motorcycles and barn bars and drunk people. In reality it’s a big city full of beautiful architecture, on a giant-ass lake that goes all the way to Canada. It’s full of college bars with names like “Joe-Cat” and fancy bars where you can drink wine and paint a picture with a class. 

Many people told me Milwaukee was boring but I really loved it. 

That’s my review of Milwaukee.

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