Equation for Deciding if You Want to Get a Free Pizza at Punch

How much do you make per hour? This is A. How many minutes do you spend waiting in line for a free Punch pizza (value ~$10)? This is B. How much stress do you experience being in a gigantic line for pizza, on a scale of 1 (no problem) to 3 (annoying)? This is C.

A x (B/60) x C = X

X = Amount of time and stress you expend, converted to money

Let’s say you make $17/hour. Multiply that by the .75 hours you spend waiting for your pizza. That’s $12.75, according to how much your time is worth. Let’s say it’s kind of annoying to wait in line for Punch pizza, a level 2. That’s $25.50. If this amount is over the value of the pizza, don’t do it.

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