The Nuanced “Vibe” of Different Lifestyle Sites

The Awl/ Hairpin: A place where everything on the internet is spun through good writing. Must be able to read tone to ‘get it.’ Seems like rehab after Gawker. Everybody crushes Edith Zimmerman/ relates to boozy Awl writers.

Thought Catalog: At first was Helvetica-clad place for avant-garde MuuMuu House takes on lifestyle blogging, now a grab-bag of heart-on-sleeve, populist self-exploration.

xoJane: Secret sauna where girls talk about stuff like whether or not butt sex hurts.

Hello Giggles: Tween-ish glee infused into blog posts that seem blissfully unaware of other lifestyle sites (although to be fair, haven’t really read much Hello Giggles for a long time).

Buzzfeed: Seems like another Gawker rehab site staffed by the kind of people who agree that movies should not be longer than the capacity of the human bladder after sucking down a large theater soda.

I’m only doing this because I wonder what The Tangential’s ‘vibe’ is amongst other lifestyle sites. It’s hard to know from the inside out. 

also, by gawker rehab i mean a site that seems to present a longer career for people who started at gawker, may or may not have gotten burnt out and formed counter-theories on creative content/ getting mad hits online.

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