Journalism has always been about speed and precision, but as the place for that has shifted from stories to blog posts and now social media, Smith said journalists have to be more creative in the ways they deliver vital information. They also have to make better decisions. Living and writing in the current news environment means calculating the costs and benefits of working on a “second-rate aggregated version of what someone wrote 20 minutes ago,” versus pursuing an original story, Smith said.

“I feel in general the 800-1,200 word form of the news article is broken,” he said. “You don’t see people sharing those kind of stories.” Smith’s talking about those daily stories that only seem to provide two paragraphs of new information layered on top of several inches of context. Nothing wrong with context, but explanatory journalism now comes in different forms, not just at the tail end of a story.

The problem lies with the delivery, design, and presentation of stories, he said. Think about the structure of wire stories. Most reporters are taught to put old information, the background stuff, at the bottom of stories, thus leaving room for copy editors to lop things off if necessary. But that assumes two things: The value of longer stories and readers ability to keep reading something once they get past new information.

i can’t get sick of buzzfeed’s buzzy articles because they seem self-aware in their buzziness and also they don’t cattily criticize competing publications for ‘mad hit grabbing’ because that’s really what everyone is doing right?

How BuzzFeed wants to reinvent wire stories for social media » Nieman Journalism Lab

It’s good to see them wean themselves off of the “TOP TEN BLARGS” or “ELEVENTEEN REASONS WHY CATS” way of doing things. 

I’ve applied to Buzzfeed more times than I’ve had hot dinners, and I’ve had 7 hot dinners in my lifetime. 

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