iPhone autocorrect on my laptop

Dear Apple,

Now that I have Lion, I see that autocorrect has migrated over to laptop-land, like old-school Microsoft Word’s spell-check, except instead of just adding a creepy red underline under words it doesn’t like, it actually changes them. And instead of being just on Microsoft Word, it’s on everything.

For example, my computer tried really hard to change “Etsy” to “Eaty.”

The Internet is full of slang, word invention, purposeful word corruption, and actual company titles that are combinations of words, or based on people’s names. It is not a good place to autocorrect what people are saying.

Sometimes I do appreciate it autocorrecting my spelling errors, but I would like an autocorrect that sees the world a little bit less prescriptively. One that reads Urban Dictionary.

Think on that. While you’re at it, find a better way to type on touch screens. Something like Swipe but better and ownable for you. Even writing a text message is still hard.


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