nike fuel trying to make me anorexic

i had mindlessly accepted a “calorie-burning” goal that nike+ offered me a couple weeks ago. i kept noticing that i was lagging behind, and it would say things like, “don’t worry - just burn 15,000 calories next week and you’ll be back on track.”

15,000 calories is a lot. That’s like 5 pounds worth of calories.

The calorie goal, once I looked at it, was 146,000 calories in 4 weeks. I crunched some numbers and realized that was 41 pounds worth of calories, at a rate of roughly 5,000 calories per day.

5,000 calories is what a mountain climber climbing mount everest climbs, i believe.

so i canceled that goal and it offered me this goal to “lower the burn.”

really? now it wants me to burn 131,500 calories in a WEEK? that’s 37 pounds per week.

i tweeted this picture at nike fuel and they said “we’d like to troubleshoot with you on the phone.”

i went back and made a new goal (a sensible 20,000 calories) from scratch, but there is definitely some glitchy stuff still happening with nike+.

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