Geek Talkin On My New Macbook Pro RETINA DISPLAAAAY

This is the picture I took when I opened my new computer. I used Photobooth’s heart filter, and also noticed that Photobooth is trying really hard to look like a real photo booth, which is silly. Web design that mimics what real objects look like is cheesy, Apple guys. I read about it on Fast Company or something.

Here’s why I have this computer. I started at my job as an intern, and when I got hired I just kept using my personal laptop. I said, “Get me a laptop when something really amazing comes out.” So then, 2 years later, I asked for this, and I got it. So it’s my work computer but … I have no work/life separation.

Here are my observations, some of which are just about Lion, which I didn’t have until now.

1. The retina display is beautiful. Imagine your iPhone 4 without all your smudgy fingerprints all over. Tumblr looks gorgeous, although the logo needs to be updated. 

2. I immediately switched off “natural scrolling.” What the heck is that.

3. “Growl” is a thing. I like it for Tweetdeck because I feel lonely without a million Twitter bubbles entering my screen all day. I don’t like it for chat, where it doesn’t seem beneficial to have private conversations broadcasted in the corner of my screen for anyone to see. Turned it off there.

4. I don’t like how when you scroll down on a website it pops down to show grey underneath it, like how a phone app does when refreshing. What’s the point? It makes sites feel loose and weird.

5. I was super impressed when I logged into Gmail and the computer offered to synch it with Mail, iCal, etc. and actually did it. Much easier than it used to be to do that.

6. Having Launchpad in my dock seems pointless. Said bye bye to that.

Anyway, I’ve been customizing this thing to my preferences for hours, but I’m also insanely disorganized and really “wabi sabi” about my digital habits, so don’t take me too seriously. (Does anyone outside of the marketing world use the term “wabi sabi?” I think it’s like a Japanese phrase that means “laisse faire” or “disorganized” mostly used in reports about “millennial moms.”)

Ugh, just saw that the feature where you highlight text and then it decides to highlight everything but what you selected is still there. #firethatguy.

  1. jakec said: some of this is why i’ve been holding off on upgrading. i also don’t love the new finder ui.
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