This mostly makes me nostalgic for being 12 and loving young Leo DiCaprio (before his face looked so steaky), and being 14 and seeing Moulin Rouge 4 times in theatres.

Since then I’ve kinda dropped off the Luhrman boat. There’s something about his movies that really gets to you when you’re young and not-cynical that you can’t really appreciate after you’ve realized romance is less life or death and more eating leftover food in bed and stuff.

I guess I never thought of the texture of Great Gatsby as being anywhere related to a Baz Luhrman movie, mostly because I thought that book was funny in a more pre-pre-pre-Nick Hornby way. But I still think I might enjoy this movie.

Also … I pictured Daisy as Reese Witherspoon when I read the book at 16. Who did you picture?

  1. georgialobbe said: reese witherspoon.
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