is this zen?

today i was walking home from work thinking, “tomorrow is hump day wednesday, and then it’s thursday, which is friday eve, then it’s friday and then the weekend!” you know, the same thing i think most people think every week on tuesday, when they’ve just recovered from hating monday.

and i remember thinking this on the bus as a kid, like, “yay it’s hump day and the weekend is almost here!” and having this very self-aware moment like “wtf do i care about the weekend, i am 9 and it’s not like i’m going to do anything other than watch Disney One Saturday Morning and be a fat little dork.” 

But there’s this very Dilbert-like pressure to live on this constant cycle of “working for the weekend” and I had this zen-feeling moment today where i was like, “i don’t care anymore. weekends aren’t that great even when you’re an adult who gets drunk and gets laid and even gets brunch because you spend the whole time being anxious about how shitty monday is.”

and then i decided to stop caring and it felt really easy. but maybe that’s not a sign of zen and just a sign that you have a job where you get free artisanal hot dogs sometimes and never really feels that different from sitting around on tumblr all day on saturday.

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    I’ve never been a Monday hater or a Friday lover. This may have something to do with how awesome my jobs (yes, plural)...
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    I looked forward to the weekends way more as a kid than—God willing—I ever will as an adult. It’s hard to imagine...
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