i can’t sleep past 7:45 and other things

1. been really busy at work lately

i got to go to st. louis again this week for work and stay at the four seasons. sometimes traveling for work is really fun because you just have to go to two meetings and the rest of the day is yours to walk around a city or drink at the airport. i am trying to find things to like about st. louis but it is kind of a small, impenetrable city that is rust brown and has frequent cigarette fires in the grass. the four seasons and purina (our client) are welcoming though.

2. being intense about my nike fuelband

everyone at my work has a nike fuelband because we are all early adapter people who read gizmodo all the time. while in st. louis we did some “triangulation” about fuelpoints and found that i get way more of them from walking than male co-workers, presumably due to my short stride. that said, i burn less calories per fuelpoint than them, presumably due to my short body. it doesn’t vibe with my computer and i thought i had broken it last night and almost had a meltdown re: fuelpoints for the day, because i am obsessive compulsive about numbers.

3. still questioning my blogging

made myself a rule that i’m only going to blog if i have something to say, rather than pumping out meh work just to do it. trying to think of fun new things for the tangential to do although it doesn’t help that i am so busy. i’ve been thinking it would be fun to write a sitcom pilot about a recruitment firm where everyone who works there is snarky and judgmental. 

  1. minusmanhattan said: I had never heard of fuelband and I think maybe I love it. Is it worth the price?
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